Being in a Long Distance Relationships

I may be one of the more lucky ones in a LDR because there are many ways for me and my fiance to stay in the same country for a longer period than the usual 3 months at a time. Our savior visa has been the Working Holiday visa that gives us one year to stay together, working and going on vacations. However, the working holiday visa does not exist between all countries. Japan and Norway started with it in February 2013, so we were really lucky that he could come on that visa July 2013. And I am also going on the working holiday visa this time to Japan, because the work visa would have taken about 4 months to get. I got the working holiday visa in 2 weeks 😉

I am also lucky that the longest we have been apart is 4 months, and some friends of mine have been apart for over half a year! However, even the shortest amount of time can feel like a decade when you are apart from the ones you love. The way I deal with it is talking to him every day on Skype or Line(A Japanese chat app) and watching movies together and also playing Farmville 2 together 😛 


Only 11 more days until Japan now! Here is a small list of some of the things I want to do/see there 🙂 The new Harry Potter attraction at USJ (Universal Studio Japan), swimming with dolphins at Awaji shima, going to Okinawa again(and this time hopefully be more lucky with the weather), and see all my old friends and host families 🙂 

“Be stubborn about your goal, and flexible about your methods.” -Unknown

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1 year and 9 months without a single post… Why?

Because I got a boyfriend! However, that is no excuse. I was also quite busy with school, but now I have finished so no more excuses! I will move to Japan for about 2 years beginning from August, so I will try to blog again about what happens while I’m there.

In this post I thought that I would write a short summary on how we met, my fiance and I that is.

cutieOne day in October 2012 while I was eating dinner with my Japanese host family the mother asked me if I wanted a Japanese boyfriend. I said “sure” and I didn’t think more about what she said. But apparently she told her whole family and suddenly some days after she asked me if I wanted to meet her sister’s boss’s son. The funny thing is that when she called my name she had a look on her face that looked like she was mad at me. So when she said she wanted to hook me up with someone I was caught off guard and didn’t really know what to answer. However I said “sure” again, but only if he wanted to meet me. The next day before school she suddenly said she wanted to take a picture of me to send to the guy. And she also showed me a picture of him.

Three days later, on a Monday, I got a mail from him. On Wednesday we met. On Saturday we met for the second time and two days later on Monday he asked me to become his girlfriend. Everything happened so fast, but I had a feeling the first day I met him that it could work. Everything just felt so natural with him and the second time we met we actually waited in line to get into USJ (Universal Studios Japan) for 3 whole hours! And when we got to the entrance, we decided not to enter. No bad feelings and waiting in line had actually been fun. Which is crazy, because I am usually so impatient.

Six months later he proposed to me on my birthday and I said “Yes!” right away. We have now been together for 1 year and 9 months, 7 of those months were long distance and I hated it. But now I will move to Japan to be with him and I am so looking forward to it.

Saying of the day:
The most romantic story isn’t Romeo and Juliet who died together. But grandma and grandpa who grew old together ~Unknown

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Who is a “Mister&Miss Kwansei gakuin”-contestant?

Me 😀

131 Guys and 128 Girls were chosen out from the 25 000 students at Kangaku. One month ago when I was walking with a friend we suddenly got stopped by 3 Japanese girls. Their first question was if we spoke Japanese and we said yes. Then they asked my friend, JD, if he wanted to join the contest. He was like “why not” while laughing. They took like 50 pictures of him, and I thought I was safe, but no, they wanted me too. It was so awkward, but now that I have gotten the magazine with all the people who are in it, I’m looking forward to it 😀 I really hope that the people who read my blog in the voting period can take 2 minutes to give me one vote :]

I’m in Group A, Number 2, and the voting period is from November 11th till 25th. So tomorrow guys!

So, the reason I haven’t written for over a month is that I never manage to get myself to just take an hour to write. I have had my midterms, but they are not an excuse. I could have written if I wanted to. But anyways, better late than never. And here I am again with more pictures. I don’t have that much to write, because if I would write everything it would take too long time and I don’t have that. I still haven’t done my homework for tomorrow.

It has been a lot of studying and homework in the past month, but a lot of other things has also happened. I cut my hair, and colored the tips blond three weeks ago. I’ve gone to karaoke quite a lot too. I’ve met up with my Yokohama hostmom because she came to Kobe 🙂 We had the Kangaku schoolfestival. Yumi brought her daughter, Aela, to the festival, and she was sooooo popular. Because she has blond hair and blue eyes, everyone wanted to take pictures with her. She was like a famous person and we were her managers. It was a lot of fun 😉 I also went to the aquarium with my hostfamily. Oh, and I went to Universal studios with a friend and we had to wait for 3 hours just to get into the park…… then when we got to the entrance, all the rides were full, so we decided not to enter xD After 3 HOURS of WAITING. We were so patient. But after that we went to Kobe and had fun there instead.

Hmmm, what else has happened…. I should go back to writing once a week… It is not easy to write anything interesting when too much has happened. Well, there was one thing….

Me and my friend Toshi were at the dorm with some other friends one night. We stayed from 9 to 12 and since we had lost our last train, we were thinking about sleeping over at the dorm. But both Toshi and I wanted to go home and sleep in our own beds, and google said that it would take us 1 hour and 18 minutes to walk home. So we decided to try that. And we failed… badly… we walked for 4 hours the completely wrong way and the train ride home at 6 in the morning took us 1 and a half hour and 1000 yen to get back…. It was quite an experience though. We saw a new side of Japan. But we were so tired and couldn’t believe how we could walk the wrong way… But we survived.

And now I have to get some homework done, so I will just give you guys some pictures to look at. And don’t forget, you can vote once a day, from November 11th till 25th. Group A, number 2. You only get one vote a day. Thank you for your support 🙂 And Take care ❤

Kobe ❤
Picture of a picture
My new hairstyle
Selling sausages at the schoolfestival

Aela, Toshi and me and the schoolfestival

“Good job!”
“Get home safely” – On our 4 hour walk we saw this. We almost cried.
Nice lady feeding the cats, even though she wasn’t allowed to…
Cats 😀
Osaka castle
Latte -art


Grammar midterm result


At the aquarium


Capipara ❤



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Itchy itchy, American Football game

So yes, I went to an american football game yesterday with some of the other exchange students. Kangaku(my university) is Japan’s best american football team on university level. So yesterday’s game against Kobe university ended 66 to 6 to us. And the mosquitoes got me like 10 times… They are so small compared to Norway’s mosquitoes I think.


I’m just going to put up some pictures from here on because I need to go to bed soon. School has started, so I get up around 7:30am everyday and ride my bike to school around 8am. My longest day is on Tuesdays, when I have classes from 9am until 6:20pm…. So yeah, most of my time I’m at school just being social and studying. Enjoy the pictures and take care :]


Serena, Nana and Me at the soccer game :]


Kangaku team!


Oh btw, it ended 1-1.. no win no lose!


Alek and Yumi studying, I was watching people at campus 😛


Random people practicing a dance


Hiroyuki, Yumi, me and Tatsuya at Karaoke!



Yurina and Carina ❤


Kansai gaidai, I like Kangaku better. Less foreigners at Kangaku ;]


Me and Toshi, finished studying!
*me happy, toshi sad*


Ryutaro’s test on “cool English”. So funny


I bought a book in Japanese! Not a manga ;]
“Ookami kodomo no yuki to ame”


Purikura with Yumi and her daughter Aela :]


I sowed “Kangaku” to my pencil case!
*so proud*

End of pictures, have a nice day :]

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Tired and bitten, but very happy

Yesterday we went on a Fieldtrip to Nara, a treat for having survived the orientation-week. Nara is the place that have all the deer walking around begging for senbei(they bow their heads all the time), and also Nara is where the huge Buddha is at.  The deer where really cute, but some of them looked so miserable… Maybe it was just because of the rain?

A deer in the background, Me, Yumi and Ian in front. 

I really haven’t taken that many pictures during this orientation week, but that was because most of the days all we did was sit still and get our heads filled with information about this and that. But, we also had a placement test, to see what class we should be put in for this semester. I got into class 3, out of 7 classes. Pre-1, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. So 6 is for people who are at the same level as a normal Japanese person, 5 are people who are pretty good. 4 & 3 are people who can be understood by Japanese people, but have to work on their kanji & grammar. And also improve their vocabulary. So yeah, I got into 3. Was pretty sure that was my level before I took the test, so I’m not complaining 🙂 If I go back for one more year in Japan, my goal is to get into class 5. 

This is a group picture with some other exchange students and their Japanese-conversation partners.

We all got paired up with some Japanese students who would help us with our Japanese. I had two partners in the beginning, but one of them had to quit because she couldn’t come one day. The teacher was really strict about always being able to meet up. If you miss one day or even if you come late, you would get kick out of the partner-system…. But I became good friends with both of my partners right away, so we have decided to just pretend that she is still my partner, even though she isn’t listed as it. 

Anyways, I bought a bike! Since it takes me 30min to walk to school, I decided to get a bike so that I can bike to school instead. When going to school, it is a lot of uphill, but then when going home it goes so fast 😀 Also, I decided not to get a gym-card, so the bike is my exercise. This time in Japan, I do not want to gain weight as I did last time 😛 And the bike was used, so it wasn’t that expensive 🙂 (when I say bike, I mean bicycle)

What else, what else… School is starting on Thursday, and I chose my classes so that I would have Fridays off. So I have a 3-days long weekend the whole semester 😀 More time to study, yey! 

Tomorrow I’m going to Umeda(Osaka) with Nana, my new Japanese best friend. We’re going to find me a cheap bag or backpack for my schoolbooks, and then we’re going to watch a soccer game. Go Kangaku!!

Thats it for now, Take care !

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All you need is Kobe

That’s right. A day of shopping in Kobe with Yumi and I got all that I needed to get. The smaller of my two suitcases broke so I had to buy a new one, and I found a really cute polka dots suitcase in a shop in Sannomiya. Also bought some small stuff at Hyakkin (100yen shop). That’s 7,4 Nkr per item in the shop. Cheap right?

ute Yumi sitting in the middle of the street ❤

I came to Kobe yesterday, got picked up by Yumi and have been staying at her place since. Tomorrow I’m going to meet up with my hostfamily and I will finally be able to settle down. And then more interesting things and longer posts will come to this blog.

Anyways, I went to Disney sea on Monday, so I just wanted to share some pictures from there.
En nydelig vulkan

Nice weather was it also

Now jumping a little bit back to yesterday when Yumi and I went to the school to pick up the “welcome package”. What was it? Only papers with information about this and that. What was I hoping for? At least some kind of small item that had the school’s logo on it. But nope. Only papers…
But the school was beautiful! I’m probably going to take tons of pictures and upload about half of that, but here is one of the main entrance for now.

Such a beautiful place. Going there tomorrow, so I’m looking forward to that. And I’m only living 30 minutes away from the school. I can walk to the school! Any day, any time 😉

But now its time to sleep.

So until next post, Take Care !

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When too much fun becomes boring…

It is still fun, but I’ve started missing having something meaningful to do. When you have school and/or work, and then you get one day off, you appreciate it a lot. But if you have no work and only vacation, it becomes too much. You guys maybe get what I mean. Anyways, that is why I have decided to go to Kansai a little earlier than planned, to get organized. I will go to Kansai on the 6th, so thats in 6 days. But before that I’ll enjoy the rest of the time in Kanagawa. 

Things have happened, but nothing that inspires me to write that much.
I’ve met up with the hostfamily I had in Kamakura. The two boys have just become cuter ❤
Too bad they don’t like being taken pictures of.


And I went to Shichirigahama. The place hasn’t changed, but the people have. I didn’t know anyone at the school, because all my classmates have graduated. But apparently there were some people who knew me o_o When I got on the train on my way to Kamakura, suddenly three girls in the shichiri-uniform said “Carina Senpai da!” and smiled and waved. I didn’t know how to react because I didn’t remember them… So I just smiled and waved back and got the “Kawaii!!” comment in return. Then the train left and I was standing there wondering who they were and if I maybe knew them.. 

But here is at least one girl I know. Momona. We went to Enoshima together. It is an island really close to shichiri, so its weird that I never went there while in Japan. But now I can finally say I’ve been there and that I want to go back. It was really Japanese and nice 😉


I’ve been really lucky with the weather these two weeks I’ve been here. Sunshine every single day, and I have managed to not get sunburned ;D But yeah, I’ve had my share of vacation and now I’m looking forward for school to start again. This weekend is filled with birthday celebrations, because both Kaachan and Yasu(my host-little brother) are having their birthdays now. 

Thats it for now, so take care until next time !

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